What’s wrong with this sentence from “Your privacy – can an employer ask for your Facebook login and password?” (Raven Cloud Computing Blog post, 19 March 2012)

Why should one proofread before you post [sic]?  Let us count the ways:

From http://blog.ravenit.com/2012/03/19/your-privacy-can-an-employer-ask-for-your-facebook-login-and-password/:

I have become acutely aware that in this day and age you cannot expect any privacy once you walk out the front door of your house. Video and camera’s are everywhere and one just has to expect that your every move is being watch and scrutinized. It seems that not only is Big Brother keeping an eye on you, but so is corporate America and your neighbor. So when I read a news article entitled, “Can an employer ask for your Facebook login and password?” I was really not surprised. It seems that we are losing more and more of our civil liberties on a daily basis.

Can’t see what the problem is?  Contact editor@readswell.co.uk for an explanation.

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