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Why should one proofread before you post [sic]?  Let us count the ways: From I have become acutely aware that in this day and age you cannot expect any privacy once you walk out the front door of your house. Video and camera’s are everywhere and one just has to expect that your every [...]

From Ordinary Thunderstorms by William Boyd (NY: Harper Collins Perennial, 2010), p. 191: He shouldn’t have thought of Alex, he realised, as image after image came swimming uninvited into his mind, and he could hear her husky, throaty voice in his ear. In fact it had been her voice that attracted him initially — as [...]

From If It Bleeds by Duncan Campbell (London: Headline Publishing Group, 2009), p. 127: He did not ask Vic about his love life either.  There was an unhappy ex-wife, he knew, and a couple of grown-up children but his girlfriends always looked much younger than him, were usually middle-class and rarely seemed to be long [...]

From a statement by Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announcing their plans to divorce: It is a painful time for all involved, and we appreciate the respect of our privacy at this time[.] Quoted in “Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony say they will divorce,” by Frazer Harrison, Don’t know what the problem is?  Email [...]

From “Measure Your Monsoon Mastery,” Know Your Monsoon: A Supplement of the Arizona Daily Star, Sunday 12 June 2011, p. 4: 6. A power line has just fallen on top of your vehicle — with you inside.  What do you do next? A) Stay inside the vehicle until help arrives.  B) Get out of the [...]

From “The Man Who Played Rockefeller” by Mark Seal, Wall Street Journal Magazine, 28-29 May 2011 (p. 64): The owner was an alcoholic perpetually dressed in a housecoat named Didi Sohus. Don’t know what the error is?  Email for an explanation.