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There are two errors in the copy below.  Can you spot them? ‘Dishes Can Be Ordered Upon Request.’ Is there any other way?

We’re twelve years into the 21st century, which makes the spelling on this sign about a hundred years out of date.  Visit WordTonightTonite/3/krgq/post.html for further details.

Can you see where the error is? (Hint: it’s not the ‘z’ in kidz.)

They’re hard to read under all the graffiti but there are two errors on Belfast City Council’s map of Cave Hill Country Park (located at the Upper Hightown Road entrance): Too hard to see? Take a closer look:

This misspelled placard (on the far left below) was raised right in front of the speakers’ platform, and appeared widely in press photos and TV footage of the event as a consequence:  

Why should one proofread before you post [sic]?  Let us count the ways: From I have become acutely aware that in this day and age you cannot expect any privacy once you walk out the front door of your house. Video and camera’s are everywhere and one just has to expect that your every [...]

From “Versus” (a novella-in-progress), by C. Clayton James: Installment No. 8: He stood up then to fit his wallet back into the jeans my mother had bought him the previous Christmas; he’d spent Boxing Day in a tub of hot water, shrinking them down to the fit he preferred.  For months afterwards the floor of [...]

Spotted on :   “Our attention to detail and professionalism has not only been recognised by our homebuyers but the NHBC has awarded our company’s staff with the Pride in the  Job Quality Award for the last six successive years.”   Can’t see what the problem is — or  rather, what the problems are?  [...]

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Count the grammatical errors in this insert from the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum’s 2011 Spirit of Christmas Past programme:  

Trying to sell an unnecessary item?  You’ll need better copy than this!     

tickety-moo makes lovely ice cream — and gave us our favourite real world error (August 2011): Oghill Farm signage typo (Killadeas, August 2011)

February 2012: nice sentiment; shame about the spelling…

TK should have gone to Reads Well before this went to print: